Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Urgent prayer requests

Andrea  from Arise To Write emailed me of an urgent prayer request and a prayer button for Amden.  Please add Amden's button to your blog and be in prayer for him.  He's Andrea's nephew that was born on Monday and has been diagnosed with downs sydrome.  I've added the button to my blog but  it doesn't gie you the code.  Please go to Andrea's and grab it and add it to yours also.  But most of all pray for little Amden, that the tests tomorrow will show no downs syndrome.
Also Andrea's daughter-in-law's (Jennifer)  estranged father has been killed in a tragic accident in another state.  This is another difficult situation. He has not been a part of her life. He was in and out of jail and lived homeless for some time. Please also pray for Jennifer. She has some tough decisions to make regarding his body, her siblings, etc. She is only 23 years old. Her mother abandoned her as a small child and she has buried her grandparents who raised her. She belongs to Doug and I, now. We promised her grandmother on her death bed that we would always be here for her. I thank each of you for faithfully praying for my family, extended family, and all those I love!
I copied most of this from her blog but please visit and let her know you are praying for her family.


  1. Thena,

    I've picked up on this earlier today and thank you for passing it along as well. Praying for this family as the day goes on!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  2. Thank you!! for storming the heavens with me.

  3. Prayers being sent from Georgia. Sandie


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