Tuesday, August 17, 2010


We spent the day with Chris at the hospital Saturday.  My heart just breaks at what he is going through.
So I will start at the beginning.  But bear with me it will be long and may get confusing.
Soon after Chris was born his Mom got addicted to drugs, and wouldn't give them up.  She also had another son about four years older than Chris by a different man than Scott (my husband).  Scott left her because he didn't want to live that lifestyle.  Her Mom, and Step-Dad took both boys and raised them as their own.  Scott has seen Chris sporadically over the years because the grandparents tried to keep Chris from him.  Until a few years ago, Chris came to Scott's Granny's funeral and Chris was old enough then to exchange phone numbers, and e-mail.
Well last November Chris's grandmother that raised him passed away.  She was  really the only Mom he has ever known.  Well the brother he was raised with had already married and moved out.   So Chris was left in the house with his Granddad that has Alzheimer's to work and take care of him.    Since Chris's accident his Uncle has put his Granddad in an Assisted Living Home, and put the house up for sale.
Chris is in a bed that has a netted tent over it, closed in so he can't get out by himself and fall and hurt himself.
He has failed the swallowing test three times so they are still feeding him through a tube.  They can only give him 10 ice cubes an hour to keep it from accumulating in his lungs and causing him to get pneumonia again.
He begged Scott to please give him ice cubes, or some water.  Before we left he was begging for a Mountain Dew. 
Scott feels so torn because he has to work and we can only be up there on Saturdays.  As far as we know the only one that still visits him during the week is his half-brother that was raised with him.
My maternal instincts kicks in and I want to just take him and hug him real tight.  But he has only seen me twice before the accident.  I told Scott Saturday night when we got home I wish we had the money to move him to a hospital closer to us if that is even possible to do.   I pray that somehow in this time when Chris is alone that God will open his eyes to the truth.   That if we can't reach him that God will send someone that can.


  1. I know it's hard to watch someone you care about suffer! But these quiet times are times when God can speak to Him directly because he has nowhere to go to run from it...or perhaps a nurse or other care giver that wants to speak to him. Will be praying that he's open.

  2. God works in mysterious ways so keep the Faith. At this point prayer, patience and Hope is the order for today. God has a plan and hopefully Chris will realize this. Right now Scott n yourself are doing the best you can do for now.

  3. This just breaks my heart!! I am praying for you guys and believing for an answer to all your questions and that Chris will hear the Lord.

    Love and Blessings to you all!!

  4. It sounds to me like this is a time when all you can do is trust God 100% to take care of it. And you know what? He is 100% trustworthy. I'll keep praying for Chris too!

  5. Just know that seeds are being planted each time you spend time with him. God will take care of the rest. Just loving him in the way God would want you to shows him the God that lives in your hearts.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  6. I can relate to what you are saying! So many sad family situations go on in this world!
    I am thankful that Chris has survived, and although his recovery may be slow, where there is life, there is hope.
    Put things in God's hands. He is able... It will work out.
    I will continue to pray for your family.

  7. I am sorry for all of you - when one person in the family hurts - they all hurt. Prayers for you and your husband and Chris. sandie

  8. How heartbreaking! Praying for you all...

  9. I'm agreeing with you in prayer and believing for a miracle.

  10. Standing in faith for Chris' healing. Praying that He will hear God's voice calling to him.

  11. very difficult situation. we never know what will happen with prayers and God's help. thinking about all of yoy. God Bless. rose

  12. I can only imagine how hard that is on you. It would be a wonderful blessing to get him moved. Keeping all of you in my prayers.


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