Saturday, November 13, 2010

Giveaway...........Prayer Shawl

I don't remember where I first saw one of these, but I like them.  Possibly seen them on Etsy.   So I have made one to giveaway to one blessed winner.
It measures  56 x 24.  Being my first one you live and learn.  From here on out they will probably be a little wider.  But for those of you who may crochet or knit.  You know if you don't buy the yarn you need at one time.  The chance of finding more of the same lot number is very slim.

To enter I would like to say become a follower.  But I don't want followers just to win a giveaway.
I would like followers because they will come to this blog for it's purpose to request prayer or pray for those that have a need.

Since this blog is prayers and praise for your comment please leave either a prayer request, or a praise of an answer to a prayer.  For an extra entry blog about this giveaway.

Deadline to enter is Sunday, November 21st.


  1. I have made prayer shawls before. I find great joy in making them and praying for the recipient as I make my stitches. I always put a bit of fringe on the ends of mine. Yours is very pretty. I like the colors.

  2. As I read this, I couldn't help but think of the love you put into this project! Thank you for your passion to pray for others. Our Bible study has been praying for a little newborn with ear infections; doctor's report was grim, but God healed the baby and now he's out of the hospital!


  3. What a nice giveaway! How sweet to give something of yourself.

    I would like to give thanks and praise for all the answered prayers on Jennifer's behalf. She has been declared cancer-free, and has done great following her surgery.

    However, I would also like to ask for more prayers for her. She is currently sick, running a high fever. The doctor says it's a UTI, but she's pretty sick. I hope a UTI is all that it is, and not something more.

    Also, the holidays are approaching, and they will be tough for Jennifer, her first Thanksgiving and Christmas without her mom. I pray that God will help Jennifer to find peace and understanding.

    Thanks for doing this...

  4. What a beautiful shawl! I would definitely like to praise God for bringing my hubby through his heart cath. with flying colors. I would like prayers that God will give me and my family PATIENCE as we're continuing to wait on the sell of our house so that we can all be together, again. THANK YOU!

  5. What a very beautiful shawl!

    My praise is that I have been praying for more communication between my hubby and I and things have been getting a lot better in that.
    Things have been a little rocky lately with no really talking much so I have been praying for God to show me what I need to do to make my hubby want to communicate with us more. He's been spending a lot of time in his 'man cave' lately and not wanting to deal with the family. Not really sure why and even after talking about it he still didn't have an answer for me.
    I just prayed that God would come into his heart and show him that we are his family and that we love him and want him to be a part of it. So please let him understand and help him with whatever it is he is dealing with.

    Wow, sorry, didn't mean to ramble on...

    Thanks for letting us join in the giveaway!!

  6. What a beautiful giveaway and so very personal! I love the colors you chose.

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