Friday, May 1, 2009

2nd degree burn

Have you ever had a child crying in pain and couldn't do something about it fast enough? That's the feeling I had last night when we took Makayla to the emergency room. She decided she needed a snack last night and put a pan with cheese sticks in it in the oven. I let her check to see if they were ready and heard her say I've got a towel and going to take them out. I told her I'm on my way. Before I could get to the kitchen she had grabbed the pan with the towel in her right hand. Then for some reason she went to change it to her left hand that didn't have a towel in it. About the time I got to the kitchen she screamed and the pan hit the floor.
I grabbed her and stuck her hand under cold water, kissing and holding her. Feeling so helpless, wishing I could take her pain away. I called her pediatrician and the nurse told me to take her to the emergency room to be checked out.
I never realized emergency room personnel could move so fast. As soon as I carried her in and told the receptionist that her hand was burned and that her pediatricians nurse said for us to come to the emergency room, she called the back. We were immediately taken back to the triage nurse, and poor thing typed what she had to into the computer and went to find a room. All the examination rooms were apparently full so we got put in this small office.
The Doctor came in and looked at it and told the nurse what to give her for the pain and put ointment on it and wrap it.
Then he went and called the burn center.
So we have to be at the Burn Center in Augusta in the morning in which is about an hour away from us. That will give it time to see if it's gotten better or worse.
Not sure what they gave her for pain, but she slept soundly all night.
They gave us Tylenol with codeine, gauze, ointment, and tape enough to make it though until tomorrow. So no trips to the pharmacy today.
I've never been in and out of an emergency room so fast in my life. So I guess there is some good incidents even in a bad situation.


  1. I am so sorry to hear about this accident. Your daughter has got to be in a lot of pain. Thank God the emergencey room got her taken care of fast. Hopefully her burns will heal fast. Keep us posted with her progress.

  2. I am sure it broke your heart to have felt so helpless when your child was hurt. At least you did not panic and you acted quickly :0)

  3. Oh my, what a horrible experience. I am so glad you had a very good emergency room experience.
    Kisses, hugs and prayers for your daughter's recovery.
    You know, I am not an inexperienced child and I have done really stupid things when it comes to hot pans. As a result, I grab butter which helps better than cool water.

  4. I feel so badly for Makayla. When I was 7 I had a hot pan of french fry grease spill on my leg. I spent several weeks with a bandage from the top of my thigh to my ankle. I really don't remember much about the pain, but my mother who was down the street visiting a neighbor, said she could hear my screams.

    Praying for speedy recovery.



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