Saturday, May 2, 2009

Update: Makayla

We made it back from the burn center terribly tired. They put her to sleep so they could clean it and scrub the dead skin off of her fingers. Said she should heal just fine. I realized today just how much worse it could have been when hearing of others while in the waiting room. They've got it in a glove and wrapped in gauze and will stay that way until we return on the 12Th. She's taking it all quiet well. I think the Tylenol and codeine has something to do with that. Feeling a little loopy. She's to stay on it for at least 24 hours because of the soreness. Will keep y'all updated as much as possible.


  1. Glad to hear Makayla is doing ok. Your so right, it could have been so much worse. She's a lucky little girl. Keep the faith!

  2. it's good to hear she is doing okay.

  3. p.s. did i ever tell you thank you for keeping beatrice the day we went to the hospital. thank you so much! i had made plans for her but brian was so excited by the morning's events he didn't remember that sarah was keeping her. thank so much. i really appreciate it!

  4. I'm so happy she is going to be okay.


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