Thursday, August 19, 2010

Prayer for Jennifer (cervical cancer) Elizabeth (sudden loss of husband)

Kathy  from Reflections by Kathy has asked that her youngest son's girlfriend (Jennifer) be added to the prayer list.  She is scheduled to meet with a doctor for a surgical consultation in North Carolina tomorrow afternoon(Friday).  It’s a seven hour drive to get there.  Please pray for her, her dad, and Kathy's son as they are on the road traveling Friday and Saturday.   Please  pray that she will get a surgery date!  She is only 23 and has cervical cancer.   She also lost her Mother last month.  So she's carrying quite a bit right now.  But God is the great Physician and healer, and also the comforter.

Elizabeth at zizzie happenings lost her husband suddenly and unexpectedly Tuesday.  Please pray for her and the family.  Death is hard but even harder when it's unexpected.   He  was only 43 years old and they had only been married for about 8 years.


  1. thinking and pray for Jennifer. so young to have to worry about cancer. Praying for elizabeth for the loss of her husband. My 1st husband died when I was in my 40's that's tough.

  2. Praying for Jennifer and Lizzie....


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