Thursday, September 2, 2010

We serve an AWESOME God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I haven't wrote an update about Chris lately because there wasn't much change.  Just sedated and resting.  But today on Scott's way home from Dallas GA he went by to see Chris.  He called me and just had to tell me the great news.
When he got there Chris was sitting up in his bed fully awake.  They sat there together and talked until Chris got tired.  He's eating ice chips on his on as much as he wants to.  He should be in his own room by tomorrow.  He begged Scott to spend the night with him, but the nurse said he couldn't until he was in his own room.  So he probably will sometime this weekend. 
There is some other issues that I haven't put out in my blog, that we are praying God's will be done.
When Chris was in the accident he had drugs in him and in the car with him.  In which may not have been so bad but he was put on probation June 2009 for possesion of illegal substances, among other things.
Therefore it is up to his probation officer what will happen once he's healthy enough to be released from the hospital.
We're praying God's will to be done.  Because He knows what is best for all of us.  If he has to pay for his consequences we're praying for mandatory rehab.  It would be better for him than serving time.  I know some may disagree but as I said God's will be done.  We're still praying that Chris's eyes will be opened to the truth through all this.  
There will never be sufficient words to express how thankful I am for the prayers this past almost seven weeks.   We could have never made it this far without all of our prayers.  Ya'll will never know how much your kind words of encouragment and prayers has meant to us.
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!


  1. Wow, that is good news about Chris! I hope things will work out for him in a positive way. I'll continue to pray.

    No new developments on Jennifer. Her surgery will be two week from today, Sept 16. Thanks for your prayers as we wait. (Kathy)

  2. That is wonderful news. Drugs happen to the best of us and I would pray that this was a big wake up call for him. Praying for him to have a complete healing.

  3. oh, precious thena - still praying. God is so good! He has brought Chris this far and I am praying that this is just the beginning of something HUGE in his life!

  4. This is wonderful news! I will be praying that God's will be done in Chris' life. Whatever it takes to stir his heart back to the Lord!

  5. Good news about Chris, hopefully he will take this time to reflect and see the blessings God has given him. Some young adults have to learn the hard way...if they learn at all!

  6. You blessed me with this good report. I will continue praying for all these things!

  7. Praise God for His healing touch. Nothing is impossible!

  8. Praying with you for God's will to be done...glad to hear Chris is recovering....

  9. just stopping in to say Hi! and thinking and praying for all of you. God Bless. rose


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